I didn’t fall into the fashion industry; I’ve been dreaming about this my entire life.  Since I can remember I’ve been putting together outfits.  At 5 years old, I was choreographing fashion shows for the neighborhood girls.  I insisted on party dresses, shiny shoes, and big bows for every occasion, especially for elementary school.  Why wear jeans when you can dress up? 

I expanded my creative twist, at an all girls’ high school, on their bland Khaki and polo uniform. It is amazing what a cute pair of shoes, a bow and a little leopard sweater can do for a uniform. When it came time for college my parents weren’t thrilled with my fashion aspirations, so I went to University of San Diego and majored in Communications and minored in Business.

My junior year of college I saw an opportunity to further my fashion aspirations when choosing a school for my semester abroad.  Little did my parents know that I was taking drawing, sewing and any fashion class they offered in Florence, Italy.

I will never forget my train-ride to Milan, for Fashion Week.  I pleaded with my professor to arrange a ticket for the show. Riding back to Florence alone and very late, I knew I needed to fulfill my childhood dream.

Later that year I was volunteering at a domestic violence shelter and realized the need for more awareness and more funding. I knew then I wanted to create a business that not only supported women but also gave back to all women. The name was easy.

My precious grandmother was named Luba. Luba radiated Love, as a Russian American, I want to give Love back to the world.

Luba By Hannah Payne was launched in New York in 2015. I am so grateful and blessed to be doing what I love most, creating beautiful clothing, and sharing Luba’s Love with the world.