Sunset Skies, Blowing Palm Trees, and Tropical Air is the Perfect Combination to Try Mixing Textures.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I go on vacation, I feel more adventurous with my outfit choices.  It could be that nobody knows me, the climate change, or one too many margaritas, But I always try new things out in my wardrobe to get a feel for it before I bring it back to my everyday life. 

With these 5 simple steps, you can create the perfect look. 

  1.  Although, you will be mixing two different ‘statement pieces’, its important to make sure that one is more of a statement than the other. You do not want to have on two strong statement pieces! Give example
  2. The two pieces should both have some sort of texture, whether that is ruching, being slightly baggy, or having some sort of 3-D element to the fabric.
  3. Show some skin! It is great when mixing textures especially in summer to show some skin either through a shorter skirt or shorts or even a slightly see through top.
  4. Have the same theme! When mixing, it is important to remember to keep the same theme to your look. If you have a floral print or textured bottom, go with a different floral on top. Stripes also work great with florals. 
  5. Lastly, Color is huge! You want your colors in your print or texture to coordinate or even match the colors in your top. 

I say just go for it!  Create your outfit and go out, if you are being stared at don’t worry, keep strutting it.  If someone says, “love that outfit”, Bingo a success!  If nobody comments, go have a glass of wine with your best friend and have a laugh!  


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